Are you easily annoyed?

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Do you ever find yourself easily annoyed, or just that one little thing crawls under your skin and you can’t seem to shake it? Lately, I feel like I’m having trouble with dealing with certain things that get under my skin.

I thought the best way to deal with the things that annoy me, would first be to list them and face them head on. After that, I guess it’s finding ways to be more patient and understanding. Let’s start with listing things that annoy me.

10 Things That Annoy Me

1. When you ask someone a simple question that you need a response to via a text or quick email and they respond, but don’t give you an answer.

2. When people are selfish.

3. When people completely ignore what I’m saying.

4. When I don’t think before I say something.

5. Having to leave my dogs every morning.

6. Not being able to properly communicate with someone.

7. Being late, or not being on time.

8. Not having a plan or being disorganized.

9. People that take forever to get ready, or always having to wait on people.

10. Doing things for other people, and have them not doing thing for you. The general feeling of being unappreciated.


I guess it isn’t exactly healthy to mediate on things that annoy me, perhaps it’s better to think about things that bring me joy. I’m not sure what to do when things bother me, or when I start to get frustrated by someone else or frustrated by my own actions. I think the key is to be patient. When something bothers or annoys you, take a step back and think about it.

We all have those little things that annoy us, irritate us, or just bug us. It’s how we deal with the people, things, and issues that bother and annoy us that proves the sort of person we are…I suppose.

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  1. “6. Not being able to properly community with someone.”

    Were you being cheeky with that one? Because it’s either a very funny mistake, or smartly ironic! And sure, we’ve all got a top ten list. But I think it is healthy to address them and maybe ask why it is that they annoy us. I’ve found that my general level of annoyance is directly related to the amount of caffeine I’ve had that day too ;)

    • I totally wish I was being cheeky that would’ve been much more endearing. Unfortunately, I think I was just annoyed rather than anything else at the point I was writing and forgot to spell. Hahahah

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